Returns and Exchange Policy TYREK, LLC

TYREK, LLC offers customers quality products. Our ultimate goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers, so we accept exchange or return unused product within 30 calendar days after receipt of purchase, at no additional cost.

ONE. Request for exchange or refund

To request an exchange or return your product is simple and fast! Access My Account , log in with your email and password at the top left side, select “Exchange & Return” and on the next page you will have access to your requests. Click “see more” next to the application in question and then “exchange / return.” Simply fill out the form and you will receive confirmation of your request via email within two business days.

2ND. Deadline for Exchange or Refund request due

2.1 Repentance purchase You have up to 30 calendar days after receipt of the product, to request a replacement or refund if their product was unused.

2.2 BUG delivery, defective product or packaging If you received your product with any disagreement, such as open or damaged packaging, missing accessories or product not in accordance with acquired communication immediately.

2.3 Product defective WITHOUT USE If you received your product with any alleged failure or defect immediately report. You have up to 30 calendar days after receipt of the product, to request a replacement or refund if their product was unused.

2.4 Product defective AFTER USE The products marketed by TYREK, LLC have 90 days warranty. If after using the product, identify any fault or defect, you must contact our Customer Service.

3RD. Options Exchange Exchange-the same product without payment of new freight. It is understood by “the same product” exchange by numbers / different size; – Vale Swaps to be used with TYREK, LLC within 180 days after issuance.

4TH. Back options -

Refund of amount paid including shipping, as mode of payment used in the checkout – Vale Swaps to be used with TYREK, LLC within 180 days after issuance.

5TH. Conditions of the product for exchange or refund

The product must be returned unused, in its original packaging, accompanied by manuals, accessories and invoice. All returned products go through an analysis of the TYREK, LLC Quality Control upon arriving at our distribution center, which can take up to five working days . The desired product for exchange and / or refund of the amount paid will only be released after approval of our quality control. If any dispute or breach identified the product, we will not accept the return and refund the product without prior notification to the sender.

6TH. Methods of return

The return of your product to the Distribution Center will occur by posting prepaid by TYREK, LLC. You will receive a link in your email that will give you the right to post the product in any accredited agency Postal no cost. The procedure is simple and streamlines the process of exchange. Check out the accredited agency: Remember that the new item, release the valley exchange or refund the amount paid will be made after returning the product to our distribution center.

7TH. Deadline for refund – Payment by Credit Card:

the chargeback on your credit card will be displayed in up to two invoices upon completion of devolution, depending on the maturity date of the card;

- Payment by Bank Transfer:

The refund will be made in the current account holder’s request within 5 business days after the completion of devolution. If the holder of the claim does not have a bank account, we will make an Order, because the reimbursement will not be made on behalf of third parties.

8TH. Specials

For products purchased in promotion, if necessary exchange and / or return, the value will be considered paid for the product and not its original value Example: If you purchased an item on sale for $ 50.00 but its original value was $ 100.00, the value of the consideration will be $ 50.00. 9th. Know the Code of Consumer Protection

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